Funky Pigeon Invests in Renz Supplied Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater

Personalised greetings card specialist Funky Pigeon has chosen to streamline production with an Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater from Renz.

So successful is the installation that the Guernsey operation could add two more to improve workflow and increase efficiency.

Explains Grant Bewey, General Manager: “We had a system but that caught fire and so wanted to install a replacement that had strong safety features”.

“The Argos came in on our price budget and we are really pleased with it. We have four HP Indigos and while this one runs nearline we are hoping to add two more to run inline. That way we can create a highly flexible process.”

Funky Pigeon’s Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater is the first in the UK to be equipped with remote diagnostics. The highly flexible flat coating system can run at up to 45m/min or 6,000sph (A3) and can handle a maximum paper width of 400mm.

It joins a host of other Renz supplied wire binding solutions including two MOBI 500 automated wire binders, five ECL 360 electric wire closing machines and five P 500 heavy duty punches.

Another consideration was Funky Pigeon’s location: “We work quite remotely and so cannot afford to have any downtime,” states Bewey. “This machine looked to be very reliable. The remote diagnostics capability also offered peace of mind.”

Bewey did consider other systems but said: “We went to Belgium and saw the coater put through its paces. We liked its reliability and the fact it offered a low cost per page. It uses less coating than other systems and because it is cold UV there is no warming up which ensures maximum uptime. Wash up is also minimal which saves a lot of time.”

The coater was installed in under two hours and Bewey says: “We have had no problems with it. It gives a better quality of coating and uses less coater which makes it cost effective.

Also, because it is a cold coater, there are no temperature changes for the substrate to react to. As a result, curling is eliminated which improves the final quality.”

Funky Pigeon’s total investment, including feeder, vacuum conveyor and jogger was £69,995.