Pureprint Group Picks Renz Systems to Expand Services

Pureprint Group has enhanced its in-house capabilities and is expanding its global web-to-print business with investment in five Renz-supplied to solutions.

Its large HP Indigo digital facility based in Uckfield, East Sussex invested in the Renz P500 ES and AP360 heavy duty punching systems and a Renz AB 500 HS high speed automated binder to upgrade their wire binding capability.
Explains Aaron Archer, Pureprint’s Business Development Director: “We have a very strong and clear production process and excellent customer service. Maintaining that was paramount in our decision to make this investment.
“We have comprehensive in house binding capabilities but with our growing calendar, diary and document products we needed to invest in a wire binding system which could handle high volume quality production. The new systems will help us support the production needs of our key customers and the extra capacity will enable us to increase our on-demand production support for the global web-2-print business.”

The versatile P500 ES and AP360 can handle all types of book and calendar punching production with ring wire, plastic comb and coil options. They enable fast die changes, incorporate two part split dies for book and calendar work. Bespoke professional dies are available on request. There is QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats, horizontal paper feeding and the ability to handle a wide range of mixed stocks.
The highly productive AB 500 HS high speed, semi-automatic production binding machine for books, calendars and skip binding can handle wide range of different paper formats. There is touch screen assisted setup, horizontal paper feeding for easy product loading, automatic closure table and automatic product delivery onto a shingle conveyor.

The spend also included an Argos L 380 Coater and an Argos L 380 MGFE feeder from the Belgium manufacturer represented exclusively in the UK by Renz. The Argos Cold UV Coater’s unique cold curing technology eliminates the risk of burning any substrates and releases zero ozone emissions. It incorporates an air knife to handle lighter weight paper, features roller position visualisation and has a larger diameter roller for a superior finish. It offers a competitive cost per page and energy consumption is reduced by 50% through a special function that puts the UV lamp in sleep mode. Pureprint’s system includes an automatic feeding unit.

Adds Archer: “The systems were suited to true print on demand production which is fundamental to our business approach. They are capable of handling short and longer runs and that flexibility is crucial for our mix of work.” He continues: “We did look at other suppliers but we liked the ease of operation, build quality and service mentality of the team at Renz. We also wanted a UV coating line and to buy them altogether at the same time made sense.
“They have been in production from day one and are running exactly as we expected them to. This gives us the confidence to focus on growing this service.”