Telford Repro have experienced dramatic productivity increases since investing in a new top of the range IDEAL 7228-06-LT guillotine. Established in 1994, Telford Repro started as a plan printer but has developed and expanded over the years to meet the ever changing needs of its customers. The company first evolved into a copy bureau before becoming the digital design and print specialist it is today. Six years ago the company moved to a brand new purpose built facility and began offering design services as well.

Managing Director, Peter Llewellyn, sees the combined design and print service as a key driver in the company's success; "Today, 50% of what we print we have also designed. We hold all the original artwork on our own servers so we can reprint or make amendments very quickly. It's a key differentiator for us" Llewellyn continued, "The biggest change over the years has been the requirement for work to be completed in less and less time and we've done our best to embrace that change."

The shift towards faster turnarounds was a major factor in the company's recent guillotine investment. As Llewellyn explained, "Guillotining was a major bottleneck. We handle 50-60 jobs a day and virtually all of that needs to be cut. We couldn't afford to let the guillotine hold up the workflow."

Mr Llewellyn contacted Stuart Granger of finishing specialists Docu-Finish Solutions and charged him with finding an appropriate solution. Stuart recommended the German made IDEAL 7228-06-LT. He said, "Telford Repro had clearly outgrown their guillotine and needed something that could cope with the volume of work they are producing. IDEAL guillotines are designed for digital printers; they are compact, reliable, accurate and great value for money. The 7228 comes with many of the features normally associated with the bigger, offset-focused, guillotine brands. It was a perfect fit for Telford Repro."

Peter Llewellyn has been delighted with the new machine, "The cutting zone is wider, it has a higher stack capacity and the back fence is much quicker. Overall, jobs are completed in half the time." he said.

Telford Repro has kept their old guillotine as a back up. The company makes a point of being able to finish everything in-house and having back ups means they never have to send work out. As Peter pointed out, "We have four Konica Minolta colour Bizhubs. If one goes down we can use the others to maintain production. We aim to achieve the same security of production with our finishing kit."

Keeping all their finishing in-house has helped Telford Repro achieve fast turnarounds but a more unusual innovation is the introduction of 24-hour working. The company's nine staff work flexible shifts, including nights, to enable the business to maximise manpower and productivity at the times the work is most needed. Effectively, the company has been able to double its capacity and schedule urgent work or longer runs to be completed overnight. "It is a great formula for the business, our staff and our customers. Our staff have all the advantages of flexible working whilst our customers can place orders at 5pm and still get them the very next morning. It's been very successful."

Llewellyn concluded, "In our experience, customer service is paramount, even more important than price. We work hard to develop relationships with our customers because we want repeat business not just one off orders. Changing the way we work or investing in new equipment is all about keeping one step ahead and giving customers the service they want."

For more information regarding Telford Repro, please contact Peter Llewellyn, 01952 670211, peter@telfordrepro.co.uk