Innovative design and digital print firm Now Print has purchased £30k worth of Duplo finishing kit
from Docu-Finish Solutions to meet the increasing demand of its growing customer base. The
company moved to its current Worcester premises in April 2011 and as well as offering the full range
of print products to local businesses, has carved a niche for itself as the printer of choice for self publishing authors across the region. Now Print is also getting more and more work from companies that require training manuals and brochures etc. which they prefer to be perfect bound rather than saddle stitched or presented in folders.

Stuart Burton, Managing Director of Now Print decided to upgrade the company's finishing portfolio
when productivity became an issue and they couldn't get orders out the door fast enough. Now Print
was particularly hamstrung by the lack of automation in their equipment. Creasing was done
manually and perfect binding relied on a machine with a hand operated winding clamp. Mr Burton
commented, "The team was cutting the fore-edge of all our booklet work on a guillotine which was
unnecessarily time-consuming too. In a small business like ours, you can't afford to waste skilled
manpower doing laborious tasks like these. "

Stuart Granger of local Duplo dealer Docu-Finish Solutions was instrumental in selecting the
equipment for Now Print. Mr Granger commented, "Their finishing kit was the bottleneck in their
whole operation and it was quite clear they needed to automate their post-press systems".
Following successful demonstrations the company purchased a Duplo DC-445 automatic creaser, DB-
280 perfect binder and Duplo DBM-120/T Bookletmaking system from Docu-Finish Solutions. 
Commenting on the DC-445 creaser, Mr Burton said, "We use it every day and it is genuinely
invaluable to us. We were using a manual hand creaser which would tie-up our staff for hours. The
DC-445 is fully automatic so we just load it up, start it running and walk away. In 10 minutes you
come back to a finished job."

The company is using the DC-445 to crease book covers which are then used in their new DB-280
perfect binder. The machine is capable of up to 200 books an hour, a significant improvement on the
company's previous machine which Mr Burton puts down to the automatic clamping, "On our old
machine we had to manually clamp each book, this one is automatic so it does a job in far less time." With the new equipment in place the company is now well set for a successful 2012. Mr Burton cited word of mouth as one of Now Print's best marketing outlets and he is confident the improved service his team can now offer will only serve to enhance that. The equipment has relieved pressure on the team and taken the whole company's productivity up a notch.  Mr Burton concluded, "I'm delighted with the Duplo kit, it is all very simple to operate making it ideal for a company such as ours where all the staff members, myself included, have to muck in with print finishing at times. 
We're now at a point where our printer is the bottleneck because it can't keep up with all our
finishing equipment."

For more information regarding Duplo UK, please contact Marc Legge, 01932 263 905

For more information regarding Now Print please contact Stuart Burton, Now Print, Duplo
UK 01905 616 944, info@now-print.co.uk