STI Line Limited, the Gillingham based point of sale and merchandising specialist, has saved more
than £50,000 in print costs since installing a Duplo Duprinter in January this year. The single colour
duplicator style printing machine, which retails at just £10k, has produced 2 million prints since
installation, and paid for itself in a matter of months.

STI Line produce over 80,000 point of sale and retail displays a month and exports them all over the
world. Over the last few years, the company has seen a shift in demand for much faster turnarounds and has invested heavily in reducing production times.
Until early this year, STI Line was still outsourcing its basic print work whilst virtually all the other production was benefiting from being handled in-house. When working to very tight deadlines the lack of control over the printing was proving to be extremely problematic. Head of Production, Dave Driver explained, "Assembly instructions, packing sheets and stickers were being produced externally. The nature of the business these days means we need to get orders out the door as quickly as possible and we were often waiting for these simple, yet crucial pieces of print to be delivered."
"The problem was confounded by the fact that these documents are subject to change at the last minute which added to the cost and lead time. Consequently, the company sought an in-house solution that offered fast turnaround, flexibility and cost savings. The company was outsourcing more than 150,000 single colour A4 documents a month with a typical run length of 300. They considered a conventional digital print engine but quickly ruled it out when they saw a Duplo Duprinter in action. George Harris, Print Room Manager, assessed the cost of the two options. He commented, "There is no fixed charge for copying on the Duprinter - we just pay for the consumables as we need them. On the runs we do each print is costing us a fraction of what a copier would. It also runs at about 3 copies per second -
the speed is phenomenal."

A Duplo Duprinter is a mono printing machine for paper sizes up to A3. It offers cost effective copying of documents in batches of 50-5000 prints. The direct paper path and heat free printing process means the machine can print on paper, labels, envelopes and carbonless sets. In addition to the cost saving benefits compared to traditional mono devices, Duplo's Duprinter range has a wide variety of coloured inks that can be changed in a matter of seconds.
Since installing the machine Mr Harris has noticed a few additional benefits. He added, " We print on labels so the positioning of the print is crucial. I can move the position of the print by pressing a button on the machine to get it just right. We've also been impressed by the consistency of the print - even when running at top speed the machine maintains the quality of the image - the first print is as good as the 500th."
Dave Driver concludes, "Overall it is a very good piece of kit and very good value for money. It has performed exactly as we had hoped and even exceeded many of our expectations."