One of Scotland's most successful print company's, Inkshop Printing, has invested in a Duplo DPB-500 perfect binder "To offer more finishing options to customers and bring more services in-house" says Managing Director Stuart Mason.

Inkshop Printing, who has been previous winners of the BAPC Print Business of the Year, began the hunt for a perfect binding solution after issues with running binding inline to their digital press.

"Whilst the inline perfect binding solution may be ok for functional not for pay print, it wasn't right for us in a commercial environment. We needed our customers to believe in the quality of our products and that our books would be strongly bound," comments Stuart.

"Demand has increased over the past few years for a perfect bound finish, and we were after a solution that suited our business model. Whether it was footprint size, price or general machine features, the Duplo binder ticked all the boxes for us. For example, by notching across the spine before gluing gives a far stronger adhesion."

The DPB-500 is a single clamp perfect binder designed for the short run, on-demand market. It includes a fully automated set-up which ensures an accurate finish and reduced dependence on skilled operators. It will cope with different binding requirements using a touch screen set up to change to a different binding style or book format in seconds. The machine runs at up to 525 machine book cycles an hour.

The Inkshop is using the DPB-500 binder for a range of short run book applications, including catalogues, reports and publications for a variety of different customers, in a variety of different sizes with average runs of 500 to 1,000 copies. Size format was a major consideration when looking at the binder, and they now use the machine to finish their own A4 landscape marketing catalogue advertising their print services, a format that they can only produce using the DPB-500.
A major benefit for Inkshop has been the ability to offer their customers an alternative finish to conventional stitched booklets explains Stuart. "With thick books we can now offer two alternate finishes, 'double-wire' booklets or perfect bound books. This has enabled us to proactively offer customers different solutions, which in turn has definitely helped us retain clients. Not forgetting the extra margins that are available with perfect bound products."

The introduction of the binder comes during extremely successful times at Inkshop Printing. The company has just announced its most successful December, January and February sales months, towards the end of the financial year which will show strong growth when compared to the previous two years.

 "We don't send any finishing out now and we are in full control of our customers' work. Stuart concludes "It doesn't matter if the run is 1, 2 or 500 books; this is a perfect binder that is perfect for us".